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Whether processed or un-processed, de-manufactured or whole, whether functioning or non-functioning, approximately 80% of all "ewaste" will go back to where it came from to make new products. This alone stops the unearthing process and allows that 80% to be reclaimed. It is our responsibility to make sure that 80% goes to responsible manufacturers and recyclers around the globe. If it seems like there is a war going on, you are right. There is. Please be educated in your response to recycling anddon't be fooled by those who would have you pay to drop off your ewaste. We Hold computer and electronics recycling events all over the U.S.. If you are interested in holding a charity event please contact us 1-877-we-ecycl (933-2925). Our headquarters is in Tulsa OK, the founder is Jeffrey L. Nixon of EarthEcycle.  Tulsa, OK 74145 877-we-ecycl

Our technicians and retail partners all over the country test, rebuild, clean all possible hardware and reinstall operating systems and software like Windows on computers. Resale: Tested working items are sorted and packaged for resale all over the country and the world for reuse. Reuse: Economically deprived people right here in the U.S. and small villages in third world countries desperately need affordable hardware for education and business. We do any or all of these things in order to reduce and re-think the use of limited natural resources our environment provides. URA believes that collecting ewaste should not only be free, but should generate enough income to support our process and make necessary donations to charities who are so desperately in need especially now. URA also believes in hiring Americans across the country and providing jobs. The resources of our planet are limited. Please help by dropping off your unwanted electronics at one of our events or recycling partners. URA will continue to share the wealth with Americans, American charities, and National charities in need not in greed.


We are a national coalition of computer and electronics recyclers growing daily. Others can benefit from your end of life or unwanted computers and electronics (Ewaste). United Recyclers of America, Inc (URA) is committed to reducing the amount of electronic waste that ends up in Americas dump sites. We accomplish this by holding recycling events and garnering residential, municipal, and commercial recycling contracts.

A recycler is many things. We do one or more of the following . Here is URA's 5 R's to Recycling Reduce: To make it simple, make it simple! Wants are not needs. Lessen consumption the world’s resources as much as possible. Use what you need and return as much as you can. Reuse as often as possible. Reclaim: This is one of our events where we reclaim out of service, out of date, obsolete, broken and unwanted or replaced computers and electronics. Reclamation traditionally means to harvest elements and compounds from the ewaste for reuse using various processes. Rebuild/Refurbish: